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Helping your business build and grow



Bonstat Limited is a London based professional consulting company that offers business and various types of consulting services. Our main mission is to help our clients to be successful in business and grow sustainably.

At Bonstat, we provide consulting services from newly established businesses, start-ups, small businesses, family owned businesses to corporate organisations. Building effective business planning and sustainable analyses for clients is the one of the core missions of Bonstat Limited. 

We have three main services that can be tailored to industries or economic needs:


Our Sales and Pricing Consultancy Services is there to provide clients the competitive market research and to create a methodology in tracking prices.


Our management consultancy services mainly focuses on creating a sustainable platform to make business analyses, to focus on data-driven decision making processes. We start with evaluating current company operations and come up with more sustainable solutions to daily tasks.


Our third service is there to provide webinars & training sessions for professionals working in a specific business or individuals wanting to enhance their technical knowledge. Those coaching sessions are tailored to each individual in order to have the ultimate results.


You may contact us for a free consultation, we are here to help you to grow your business.



Sale Branding
Sales and Pricing Consultancy

We provide sales and pricing support to ensure clients are maximising their revenue potential. We identify optimal pricing strategies for your product or service, facilitate  sustainable sales development and help to maintain and track sales revenue by the creation of financial dashboards.

Computer with Graph
Management Consultancy

We know that product management for small and medium sized companies is essential. We provide solutions about profitability tracking and cost analysis with an aim of improving company future performance.


Online Workshop
Webinars and Trainings

We are offering training sessions periodically for finance and management professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals wanting to enhance their skills in business administrative subjects. Contact us for free consultation.

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